Lessons not learned, or how US Army weapons end up in the hands of terrorists

Lessons not learned, or how US Army weapons end up in the hands of terrorists

In a world where every nation and every person is striving to maintain order and stability in the face of the biggest threat of the 21st century – international terrorism, there are countries, including world and regional powers, led by their leaders, who actively support terrorists. They train them and provide them with everything they need to go on. Even worse, they supply these terrorists with weapons that will ultimately be used against their very providers.

In a video footage from Syria, released by Arms Watch news portal, we see Hayat Tahrir al-Sham militants shelling the positions of the country’s government forces. What is the most important thing here, however, is not the militants carrying out their operations but the weapons they use in the process. For example, the US-made TOW anti-tank missile system now appears more and more often in the propaganda videos posted by the jihadist militants.

All this means that the Islamists have loads of American weapons to fight with. Where do they come from?

According to the documents, the TOW systems were purchased by the US Army Contracting Command between 2012 and 2019, presumably for the Marine Corps. Pertinent documents make no mention of the missiles’ real recipient though.

They say that money has no smell, but here it stinks real bad forcing Western countries to cover their nose, but still never admit that they feel the stench. Back in 2012, independent journalists managed to prove Washington’s involvement in the supply of $2 billion worth of weapons of Warsaw Pact standards to Syria. According to documents obtained by the journalists, heavy weapons from Eastern European countries were sent to Saudi Arabia. The reason why the Saudis, who buy their weapons exclusively from the United States, suddenly needed tons of Soviet-style ammunition is not hard to guess though.
This can hardly be called a surprise either, because it is exactly how the United States has been arming terrorists in Afghanistan for the past 20 years now. The idea to strengthen the terrorists’ deadly hand may look insane, but only to those who are blissfully unaware of the «divide and conquer» principle that has long become the trademark of US foreign policy.

Throughout the history of the war on terror, Washington has skillfully pretended to be fighting this scourge, which it created with its own hands. However, the United States has been way more successful creating the illusion of its own superiority than actually fighting this evil. After all, America has never had real power over terrorist groups. Despite all the painful blows it has suffered from those who seemed tame, the world’s most unique nation is still not ready to learn from its mistakes.

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